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All of this original art is hand-made and then digitized for reproduction to create High-Quality prints on Canvas, Paper, Metal & More.

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Wearable Art

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"Each painting has a story and contains symbols and keys to illicit deeper contemplation. I've been creating art most of my life, through many personal transformations and lots of study in astrology, shamanism,  and other "fringe" topics as well as various self-improvement modalities including martial arts and natural health. Each painting has elements of the powerful influences that spark Growth, Strength and Expansion. An ever-present power living on the wall that serves as a daily reminder: explore your potential within and the secrets of this reality, both of which are so much more than they seem." ~Jennifer

Jennifer's Original Art is all done by hand and then converted to a digital format for reproduction to be enjoyed as empowering home decor, gifts or just for fun! Jennifer also offers web design and marketing so check out the services page.