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You Can't Rush Art!

Jun 15, 2017

You Are Here... Going Somewhere. Even When It Doesn't Feel Like It.

I started this Greater Game last year, lovingly shoved towards sharing my art by my best friend when I was presented with opportunity by Universe. So I grabbed it, I’ve worked on it, made promises to myself. I invited you all to subscribe to this newsletter and promised writings in the near future...

My, how life twists and turns… and we all know that it will. It creates a subtle reluctance sometimes when we verbalize a goal or promise. In that moment, you mean it, you want it. In your heart, you know life will change, unexpected things will come and get in the way.

This is life.

Press on. Hold tight. Let go. Keep moving. Be strong. Surrender. Relax. Work hard. Focus. Imagine. Create. Destroy. Rebirth. Repeat…. but in a different order.

I know you all are doing just that. So much so, that you probably haven’t thought of your short visit here a few months ago!

Well, I am writing this morning after some reading in Robert Greene’s book “Mastery”. The morning time is fertile with inspirations and ideas, isn’t it? The early bird catching that worm. The section of “Creative Breakthrough: Tension and Insight” brought to attention an important conceptI wish to sharewith you:

“If we remained as excited as we were in the beginning of our project, maintaining that intuit

ive feel that sparked it all, we would never be able to take the necessary distance to look at our work objectively and improve upon it.”

Robert Greene gives many examples of various Masters in their respective fields, from Richard Wagner, Thomas Edison to Evariste Galois, telling a stories of how each one of them inevitably reaches  that point in their creative project where they hit a wall. Inspiration has seemingly been used up, a roadblock has presented itself in the workings of the invention or piece of art that they can’t seem to move past. They reach this point of tension and let go. They go to 

bed or take a walk. They move on to something else for a while. And then...voila! The solution comes to them. Gently, the idea or solution slips through from the spirit, in a state of relaxation and surrender.

This process takes time. It demands it. Won’t happen without it. At least, nothing of great value does.

I’ve tried over the years to make art faster, more prolifically. I sit down and say “Ok, this one I’m going to bust out and finish within a few days.” Nope!

In the movie “Toy Story 2”, an old man is renovating a tattered doll, painting on those little details that rubbed off from hours of play. The man who hired him is in a rush, needs it done yesterday! The old man tells him:

“You can’t rush art.” ~Geri the Toy Repairman

That quote stuck with me. It comes to mind every time I try to fool myself on this matter.

This lovely morning, birds singing and sun shining, I am here to tell you that I have been pressing on, holding tight, relaxing and working hard on several new pieces. I have reached frustrating tension with each one and used the necessary distance created in those times to look at those pieces objectively and improve upon them. Each one will be the very best, no lukewarm quickies. The art must be deep, compelling, thought-provoking, inspiring… and that takes (hopefully not toooo much) time.

Thank you for your time. I hope this thoughtful rambling helps you to surrender to that inevitable tension that will lead you to your creative breakthroughs. I look forward to seeing and hearing about them, inspiring each other in our processes.

... and in the meantime, patiently (*wink, wink*) digest this excerpt I put together on this topic (Andreya is such an excpetionals singer, enjoy):

See you again SOON (promise!),


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