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Updated: Dec 26, 2017

Septeber 17, 2017

Hello Again, Lovers of Art!

I trust this letter finds you in the midst of good changes and expansion of your Power in this crazy Game we currently thrive in.

In that spirit of Thriving, I share with you the latest addition to the Gallery, The Nine Noble Virtues.

I was inspired when I first came across these codes of conduct in research a while back, as I was exploring the Germanic heritage that my years of public schooling had failed to touch on. Actually, public schooling can be a power tool if you turn all of it upside down, looking underneath and through what you had been told. Then, take it another step further and look at the millions of topics, people and events that we were unaware of because it wasn’t taught. The world opens up and the view suddenly widens like sitting on top of a mountain peak. The air is so good there, isn’t it?

So, as I was flying up there in that energizing air searching for a tasty morsel, I came across the Nine Noble Virtues of the Asatru and Odinism belief systems. As you have probably figured out by now, every religion and spiritual path contains golden nuggets of power and Truth that can unlock doors of Power. I found this one to be a potent and vital one, highlighting the traits of strength and good character that are going extinct in society today.

But worry not. Now these Virtues will have new life breathed into them. Fused into our lives by placing them in a space of honor and attention.

To juice them up even more, I blended in the ingredients of numerology together with symbols of power that came step-by-step in the creation process in an intuitive, organic unfolding.

My attention was pulled as I filled in the sides of the Nine Virtues to elements of nature and even martial arts…

The acorns and cattails, a few basics of Self-Sufficiency, gathering of wild foods.

The honey bees, living examples of Industriousness.

The welcoming, protective personality of amethyst crystals reflecting Hospitality.

The sharp blades we hone in martial arts training, developing our Willingness, Courage, Honor and Fidelity towards our family and Tribe.

Hang this in a place where your eyes will be drawn to it daily. Mine hangs in a perfect place of daily meditation… where we brush our teeth for a few minutes twice a day! (You’re welcome for that helpful hack.)

May this inspire you and yours as you climb and soar,


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