The Artist, Jennier Mutch

Jennifer made art for most of her life for the enjoyment of it. It has been her way of quieting the mind, sorting through emotions and experiences while exploring, distilling and sharing higher mind concepts.

Astrology, psychology, shamanism, magic, taboo and deep woo... it's all inspiration for her art. Studies that assist us in seeing and playing the Greater Game and discovering the reasons for participating on this planet.

When she began to learn to look at life from the perspective of the Higher Self and to trust in the process of remembering, her art took on a deeper meaning and expression. The intent in her art is to trigger these types of thoughts and to embrace the journey of remembering why we are here.

These are some deep and heavy concepts! Let's shift to the practical...

With a natural knack for marketing, computers and web design, Jennifer began to apply her artistic talent in those fields more heavily. Photoshop and web design became a new palette, marketing and social media strategy a new study. Developing her skills in these fields for the past eight years has been fun, challenging and rewarding.

Jennifer is also a mother, homeschooler, martial artist and a damn good  (yet always improving) cook. For the past decade, together with her husband and daughter, she has trained and taught Jeet Kune Do fighting and strength arts (see more at www.cultivatepower.net). Jennifer now lives in the beautiful Applegate Valley in Southern Oregon, proud to be part of a strong and talented family enjoying the trees, fresh air and nature.

Reach out, she would love to hear from you!